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History At A Glance


  • Two secular Franciscan brothers purchased a 100-year-old house on Lipan St.

  • They provided showers and haircuts, laundry services, and a hot breakfast and lunch 5 days a week



  • With the help of a small group of funders led by Jay Gould the adjacent property was purchased with the goal of combining the two facilities


  • The new 5,700 sq. ft. facility opened and the $1.5M cost was completely covered by generous supporters


  • Construction of a 6,000 sq. ft. addition was completed including a commercial kitchen, fully equipped eye clinic, mental health office, conference room, art room, chapel, and a multi-purpose classroom


  • In January 2020 the Fresh Tracks program launched with 6 participants. 2 participants graduated that first year.


  • In January 2021, the adjacent facility was purchased to meet social distancing demands during the pandemic. Since then, plans have been drawn for the renovation of the facility into the Fresh Tracks Center.

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Haven of Hope's history is full of amazing stories, true faith, great relationships and more!  Click below to read the full written history. 

Without Judgment

“Anyone that comes to our door with a need, regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, age, religion, sexual orientation or preference, if we have it or the ability to get it, we will share it with them.” All are welcome and all will be shown the love of Christ!


The same mission that motivated Larry Gosselin and Baldemar Garza, motivates Haven of Hope today! This passion burns ever brightly in the hearts of the board, the staff and all of the faithful and generous donors!


Haven of Hope is often referred to as “The Brown Palace for the Homeless,” and will continue to be a place of safety and comfort.  Haven of Hope encourages anyone interested to stop by and see for themselves the services provided. “No one can understand what is happening here, unless you experience it first-hand.”

What Makes It Work

The heart and the foundational roots that Haven of Hope was birthed from has never faltered.  Even today old and new guests experience the same kindness, relational goodness, and hospitality that Larry and Baldemar established.  

Check out our upcoming events, campaigns, and volunteer opportunities!

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