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Be Involved: Volunteer


Why Volunteer

Volunteering at the Haven of Hope is a satisfying experience for three reasons:

  • You are able to be in the company of our Guests and experience immediately the difference that the Haven of Hope services make for those Guests.

  • You see what a conscientious and well-run organization the Haven of Hope is and you know immediately that your time, and any donations you make, are effectively and efficiently employed to the benefit of our Guests.

  • You get to work with the great people on the staff and other volunteers — Haven of Hope volunteers are super people!

Service Options

  • Kitchen and Dining Room Volunteers serve in the Kitchen and Dining Room assisting the staff in preparation of meals for our Guests and serving those meals to our Guests.

  • Clothing Bank Volunteers are involved with sorting donated items and displaying them in the Clothing Bank.

  • Administrative Volunteers support our Guest services in various ways, including sorting Guests’ mail, doing data entry.

  • Special Events & Fundraising be a part of our events committee. Contact Awna Perry

Service Times

Haven of Hope’s hours of service are from 7:00 AM until 1:00 PM M-F.

Most volunteers work one day a week and work 3 or 4-hour shifts during our hours of operation. Historically, because Haven of Hope’s hours of operation coincide with the work hours of most employed people, retirees have been a large part of our volunteer team. However, in the current era of remote working with its more flexible schedules, we are seeing many younger, working adults who are able to fit volunteering at the Haven of Hope and serving our Guests into their working lives, finding it a great break from the work routine that leaves their weekends open.

How to get involved:

Signing up to be a regular Haven of Hope volunteer may seem to be a bit daunting, and we get that. So we encourage interested folks to plug in for a Two Hour Tryout to see what they think of the experience.

WARNING: Although it doesn’t happen every case, many folks have found out, after their Two Hour Tryout, they just had to keep coming back, they loved what they were doing, we loved having them on board, and they felt good about making a difference for the Guests.

Interested please reach out to

Had Beatty - Volunteer Coordinator


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