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Our Work

Haven of Hope's Holistic Asset-Based Approach

"A holistic approach adopts the philosophy that all parts of a thing are interconnected." - Mark F. McKnelly, Change For the Poor


Understanding the root cause of material poverty is critical when determining the appropriate response. Simply addressing the symptoms of the conditions we see will always fall short in creating lasting and sustainable change. 

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The Goal is Human Flourishing

Human flourishing entails right relationships with God (something larger than yourself), self, others and the rest of creation (work). When you get these relationships right, a sense of meaning and purpose emerges.


There is a need for a multi-faceted and individualized solution that addresses the following five elements of holistic change: Spiritual, Relational, Personal, Vocational, and Financial. 

Phases of Poverty Alleviation

Each service, program and initiative is designed to restore hope and dignity. Haven of Hope engages guests on a human level seeking first to build trust and then trusting relationships. This is key to phasing individuals on this journey to flourishing.

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Challenge Develops

In line with the mission, bridging the gap between each phase of restoration involves a degree of challenge for the individual. Haven of Hope believes challenge and exchange are vital elements of effective charity.


"It is not unloving to expect people to do their part. Just the opposite. It is cruel to send the message that a person has nothing of worth to offer. Being needed is the ultimate affirmation of human worth." Toxic Charity by Robert Lupton.

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